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Shamanic healing and holistic therapies based in NSW Australia

Earth Magic Medicine

Guidance and support to release past trauma and embrace your inner wisdom


Rites of womanhood

The rites of womanhood are a collection of sacred rituals that have been practised across cultures and traditions to honour a woman's journey through different stages of life, such as menarche, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and menopause.


By engaging in rites such as womb clearing, body work and life cycle initiations, you will learn how to embody the divine feminine energy within, recognise and honour the transitions that occur throughout your life, and embrace all parts of yourself as a creatrix and nurturer of life.


Sessions vary depending on your individual needs but might include:

  • Womb clearing

  • Rite of the womb (Munay Ki Rite)

  • Womb Hara Massage

  • Initiations for menarche, pregnancy, birth and pregnancy loss

From $250


Shamanic & energy healing sessions

This work invites you to connect with your divine energy and inner wisdom to bring profound healing on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. By accessing and clearing blockages in your energy body, you can release negative patterns and emotions that no longer serve you. 


These sacred sessions are transformative and can bring about greater clarity, vitality, and alignment with your divine purpose, empowering you to walk the path of your soul with grace and strength.


Sessions vary depending on your individual needs but might include:

  • Soul retrieval

  • Power animal retrieval

  • Extractions

  • Dismemberment

  • Reiki

$150-$200 for 1.5 hours

Healing Properties at Earth Magic Medicine

Ceremonies & rituals

Ceremonies and rituals that have been passed down from generation to generation are potent tools for healing and transformation. These sessions are designed to help you connect with your higher self, access your inner guidance system, tap into ancient wisdom, and connect with a community of like-minded women.


Sessions available include:

  • Cacao ceremonies

  • Shamanic breathwork

  • Red Tent woman’s circle

  • Sound healing

  • Group Reiki sessions

From $45 per person for group sessions, price on application for private ceremonies


Mentorships: group or individual sessions

Dunja offers personalised mentorship or counselling sessions created to meet your personal or group needs.

Please get in touch for pricing and availability.


Not sure what offering is right for you?

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