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Supporting women on their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical journey

Dunja helps women to reawaken their true essence through ceremony, ritual, earth  magic & medicine.

Dunja, healer and owner of earth magic medicine
Dunja, healer and owner of earth magic medicine


Dunja — medicine woman guiding you back to your own inner wisdom

With her love of alternative therapies and an appreciation for ancient wisdom, Dunja has had a curiosity for the occult from a very young age.


At 21 years old, she was introduced to yoga and has used the practice to return to centre ever since.


As a previous wellness studio owner, Dunja inspires to create and hold sacred space with a unique blend of modalities in all settings.


Aside from yoga, her unique interests led her on a path of self-discovery and years of education in a wide range of therapies starting back in 2012 when she studied aromatherapy and created her own handmade skincare line. 

Dunja, healer and owner of earth magic medicine

With deep reverence for earth’s cycles, I warmly welcome you into my world of holistic wellness, earth magic, and spiritual home coming. My name is Dunja, and my journey as a woman, mother and healer has been woven with experiences of love, loss, grief and profound transformation. Through these experiences, I bring a nurturing energy to your healing process, always honouring your unique path.


I began my journey working with aromatherapy 15 years ago, brewing potions of plant based herbal skin and body care. This initial exploration into the healing properties of aromatic oils and herbs laid the foundation for my deeper spiritual and holistic practices. I became a Reiki master in 2013 and have since been initiated into many sacred teachings, including shamanic healing, Munay Ki rites, soul regression, cacao ceremony, shamanic breathwork and more. As a qualified holistic counsellor, meditation, and yoga teacher, I am passionate about guiding women to release ancestral blockages and reclaim their inner wisdom.

By embracing my inner witch and working with earth magic, I believe in the power of ritual and ceremony to bring healing and transformation. The womb is a sacred portal, a place of creation and deep wisdom. Through shamanic practices, I help women reconnect with this sacred space, healing the witch wound through the womb portal and empowering them to embrace their true essence.


My work with Cacao medicine, or Mama Cacao, creates heart cantered spaces where deep healing and connection can occur. These ceremonies, along with other sacred rituals, support you through the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, helping you navigate transitions with grace and empowerment.


Together, we will explore the depths of your soul, activating your inner healer and celebrating the magic of your lineage. By reconnecting with our ancestral roots, we honour the wisdom of those who came before us and pave the way for future generations. This sacred journey is vital for our personal evolution and the collective.


I invite you to join me in this nurturing journey, where we embrace the cycles of life, uncover the wisdom within, and walk the path of transformation together. Let’s celebrate the magic of our lineage and the profound gifts that lie within us.


  • Bachelor of Elemental Studies, Shamanic Psycho-Spirituality

  • Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator

  • Female Sexuality Specialist inc Therapeutic Yoni Massage Therapist & Somatic Sex Coach

  • Holistic Human Development, Holistic Counselling & Meditation Therapy

  • Cacao Ceremonialist & Breath Medicine

  • Shamanic Healing 

  • Sacred Birth & Postpartum Doula

  • Munay Ki Rites

  • Red Tent Facilitator

  • Reiki Master

  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Yoga for Kids & Families Teacher Training

  • Soul Regression Therapy & Past Life Regression

  • Quantum Evolution Mastermind

  • Aromatherapy 

  • Womb Hara Massage


"We are the sacred womb bearers...
The portal between source and physical life...
We are the life holders and givers...
and from our flesh and blood, new life is created...
Our blood is the only blood not born from violence...
and from our love, life will grow and flourish..."

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At Earth Magic Medicine, I Will support you in

  • Coming home to your own inner wisdom

  • Awakening the transformative power of healing 

  • Connecting with loving and supportive energy during times of transition


"Wild Women are wise medicine women, they are the connection between nature and people, ambassadors of the earthen spirit, who can hear Mother Earth breathing.  The Wild Woman's medicine and teachings are needed in this world to restore balance. Balance for every woman and man, balance in our children and balance on the earth. It is time to rewild with your healing wild woman light and your sacred medicine and show people new ways to reconnect nature and people."

 - Shikoba

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